Falual is a company operating in the metalworking and industrial maintenance sector, established in Trofa, and with a 20.000 m2 working facilities, aimed to meet with efficiency and flexibility all the needs of their clients.

In a way to promote its growth and future activity, FALUAL bets in the international market.
In order to keep the reputation that earn in the market. FALUAL will continue to bet in a continuous investment process, giving priority to the

modernization of its productive equipment and to the training of its employees, in track of Quality; Competitiveness of its products and services; Flexibility and Availability of its resources and Rigor and Dignity of its posture.

Our History

1980- Beginning of its activity in a small space, executing different kinds of work with conventional machines.

1986- Due to its growth, it changed location to an area of 800m2, with about 10 employees, dedicating itself also for the conservation and industrial maintenance sector.

1991- Acquires a facility with a total area of 2948 m2 and employs about 50 employees. Falual sees the need to develop from a familiar structure to a functional structure of division and share of responsibilities between its several departments. Thenceforth, the company invests in human and technical resources, winning good reputation in the national and international market, either by the quality of the services, for the complying to the delivery dates, and for the trust that inspires in the commercial relations.

2006- Certification of the Quality System according standard ND EN ISSO 9001:2000 increasing its own levels of exigence, keeping a path of continuous evolution.

2008- Acquires a new industrial facility with a total area of 8680 m2 increasing their manpower to about 80 employees. At the same time it acquires several productive equipments, more up to date and technically advanced, becoming an Anonymous Company.

2011- Extend of the labor area with the construction of a new building with 800 m2 to store raw material, and to work with oxy-cutting machines.

Currently it features a broad park of machinery that goes from conventional turning lathes and milling machines to CNC controlled machines. Besides that it has capacity to execute welding construction structures of middle and heavy size. It keeps equally its department of conservation and industrial maintenance, providing several and numerous permanently teams.

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